Starting a new Blog site 2017


2017  Kathy’s Interim Blog #1

I’ve been very blessed to have a new opportunity.

My past followers know that I was living and working in Berlin, El Salvador as the Presbytery of Des Moines’ Mission Co-Worker from 2009-2012 (and I had served as an interim co-worker for about 8 months prior to that!).

After I ‘retired’ – a new Co-Worker took my place.  Katherine was a passionate, faithful, intelligent and powerfully good Mission Co-Worker and served the Our Sister Parish Mission and the people in the villages of El Salvador very well.

She retired last August (2016).  May her future be full of love and service. We miss her dearly.

So the Our Sister Parish Mission was left without a North American on the ground.  We all knew the work would continue.  In reality, the Salvadoran Pastoral Team (4 women with 2 men spiritually supporting them) are the ones doing the facilitating of the church partnerships and the projects in the dirt floor communities.  I’m simplifying, of course, because the Co-Worker does a whole lot more, but some of the biggest tasks we Co-Workers do is communicate, educate (North Americans), advocate, inform, make reports (with lots of photos to motivate those who can to make lots of donations), lead delegations, communicate … well… you get the general idea.  And truly, there are so many nuances within this work: those not living in two worlds probably will never ‘get’ nor fully understand even if I could explain it all.

Now, without a Mission Co-Worker on the ground, and me here in the States now working as a substitute teacher (and therefore with a relatively flexible schedule), I became the logical communications liaison.  There are always questions that need to be answered – and there are few people within the mission who both understand the work/nature of the mission as well as the Spanish language.  There are delegations who truly need a North American perspective and accompaniment with ‘translation’ of all the things they are learning and experiencing.

So here I am.  What a gift to be able to serve in this way.  I meet so many wonderful people and I am able to spend quality time with the people I love in the villages of Berlin, El Salvador.

I post Facebook accounts of our delegation activities, but perhaps this new blog will be a manner to reach more people.  There are folks who do not do social media (gasp!!)  but might follow this sort of informative venue.

I had a blog when I was Co-Worker.  Katherine had a blog.  This is my attempt to keep the communications more open.

Follow me if you are interested.  Share with those who might also like to keep current with the work being done by Our Sister Parish.  Also visit the website for updates and manners in which to support!

Leave comments, questions, suggestions.

Thanks for all that.


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