Funny Stuff

I thought it was time for a little brevity!

Oh the joys and laughter of the Pastoral House!  Blanca, Idalia and I were sitting around the table having a pretty serious discussion.  Margarita was puttering in the kitchen but also included in the conversation.  She thought she heard a noise in the office off the dining room so she and Idalia went to investigate.  They came out and said there was something in the closet, probably eating papers, fabric or whatever was stored in there. They decided to empty it all out and give it a good cleaning.  And so they started.  Blanca, Ceci and are were still having our ‘meeting’ at the table.  We really were discussing important things about a certain ‘troublesome’ community.  Pretty soon we heard a scream and Margarita ran out yelling ‘there is a snake in the closet!’  As she ran out, she shut the door of the office with Idalia still in there!  Feel the love Idalia!  Haha

Idalia is brave (unless it is a mouse – then she screams like a little girl).


Idalia, the brave one, is still in the office moving things around trying to get it whatever it is out to kill it.  She opened the door after a few minutes of making noise.  She came out laughing and teasing Margarita.  She found the snake.  She then held up a HEADBAND.  With a snake-like design.

“Here’s your snake” she tells Margarita.  And just like that, our serious conversation is done.  We all can’t help but bust out laughing!

I love this place!


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