June 22, 2022 Arrival in El Salvador!

Mike and I traveled to Berlín, El Salvador today to get ready for the delegation arriving on the 27th.  Things (agenda and budget) are all planned and set, but I always like to be able to verify our plans and greet our friends at the airport with our transportation to the guest house ready.

With the craziness of airline delays and cancellations, we were quite lucky.  Everything was on time and we made it.  Cecilia was waiting for us out in the pick up lane and she just had to call Alejandro and Elmer to tell them that we were outside waiting.  You can’t just park and wait.  Just quick pick ups are permitted.

It was an uneventful drive to Berlín.  We did stop for some lunch because we arrived at noon with no food.  They picked us up in the Jeep – and a good thing because by the time we got halfway up the mountain from Usulután, it was raining.  Had they picked us up in the KIA, our luggage and 2 of us would have gotten wet!

It is SO good to see the faces of the Pastoral Team in person.  There is so much to catch up on.  We communicate via messenger on Facebook, but it isn’t the same! 

When we got to the Pastoral House, Blanca, Idalia and Margarita were there.  They soon left since it was getting late.  We knew we would be doing lots of talking the next day!  We did get some good hugs in though!

We had a simple supper of pupusas, I did some emails to inform a few churches and individuals about some things I learned in the 2 hours that I was in the house!  Then all of us hit the hay early.  I was asleep before 9:30.  Very early for me!  But – we know we are up before 6 a.m. every day.  I’m hoping I’ll be smart and get to sleep early (ish) every night!  Probably not possible when the Trinity Indianola delegation gets here!  But no worries.  I’ll catch up on sleep at some point!

Bye for now.  I’ll try to post a few times.

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